alter ego by night - the empty mirrors

Alter ego by night

Guest Vocals 

I was invited to contribute vocals to two tracks, 'Morphine Dream' (to follow shortly) and 'Alter Ego By Night', by The Empty Mirrors for their first release. The Empty Mirrors is an Anglo-Finnish collaborative project founded by Helsinki based English songwriter, Rupert Haigh. It was tremendous fun to step into other characters and I'm looking forward to further adventures in Nord-Noir Pop in 2021.  

Recent releasesRendezvous in paradise

New single - out 25.6.21

Rendezvous in paradise

I see your plane has finally landed
I hope there's no queue
It won’t take you long to make the station
There’s a fast train at two
I'll be at our favourite table
Windows open wide
The view’s always perfect
With you by my side

Rendezvous in Paradise
I've waited so long for this day
Rendezvous in Paradise
Nothing can take this away
This time we're here to stay

Sunflowers glow in high summer glory
July gold and green
The jukebox still plays old Bowie records
His eyes rule the screen
Singing that we can all be heroes
It’s our turn today
I know you’ll be mine
For all of my days

Rendezvous in Paradise...

Our table for two
We’ll drink to life and our love

Rendezvous in Paradise...

I Love you